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Vapour Freaks Ltd is a West Midlands UK based manufacturer of e-liquids and CBD products. Serving customers in vape shops for a number of years, we tuned in to the needs and wants of the all-day-vaper.

Analysing what flavours sold over others became our obsession and we noticed gaps in the market; most USA e-liquids were overpriced, whereas some UK liquids lacked quality.

Compelled to counter this, using consumer testing and intensive product development, Vapour Freaks was born in 2016.

Crafted and tested in the UK using gourmet ingredients, our e-liquids are truly made 'by vapers, for vapers' and our rapid growth speaks for itself. We've had a stand at the The Vaper Expo four times, received great reviews from Planet of the Vapes and YouTube’s raising star of the vape industry, Chris Bell from Empire Vape Co.

Warlock eliquid - Vapour Freaks UK
Poinson Ivy 100ml - Vapour Freaks e-liquids UK
Freeze 100ml - Vapour Freaks e-liquids UK
Werewolf 100ml - Vapour Freaks e-liquids UK
Purple Haze PENG CBD e-liquid – 60ml
HEISEN BUD PENG CBD e-liquid – 60ml
OG Kush PENG CBD e-liquid - 60ml
Lemon Haze - DANK CBD e-liquid
White Rhino - DANK CBD e-liquid
G13 - DANK CBD e-liquid
Blueberry Custard - Freak Shakes - 100ml
Twisty Ice Cream - Freak Shakes - 100ml
PENG CBD infused snacks and sweets
PENG CBD infused snacks and sweets
PENG CBD infused snacks and sweets

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